about me

Welcome to my online ramblings!  This is a happy space – in that, although it may document not so happy moments – the goal & the journey is “HAPPY”!  For the moment, this is by me, to me and for me – an ‘online accountability partner and record’ if you will!

(and anyone else who may stumble across this, but, if you do… please cut me some slack – I’m a blookie™!  (Hehehe – that’s ‘Blogging Rookie’ 😉 !!)

God will wreck your plans...So, I’m completely in love with Jesus, have done a couple Ironman races (well, I’ve participated anyway 😉 and I’m pretty healthy.

I’m a pilates instructor, and avid health enthusiast… (whatever that may mean exactly)

I have a regular job – 9-5’er (or lets be honest… 7.30/8-6’er!), and a wonderfully infuriating boyfriend… who sometimes drives me mad with “where’s this?”, “where did I put that?”  (life could be worse, right?)

I think there’s a lot more to me than I could ever put on a page… although, perhaps with the right copywriter I would be surprised!  Either way, these are, as I’ve said above – the online ramblings of a blookie™ – perhaps I’ll surprise myself!