One small step…

This weekend was awesome!!  My sister came to visit.


Hehehe – yes, although that alone would have been enough to make it pretty awesome, I also did my first run in what feels like AGES!  And… it felt great!  Heidi arrived on Saturday morning and although we had planned to hit Richmond Park Run, we unfortunately didn’t make it.  But after a good cuppa, pretty great breakfast (and welcoming home a rather frozen cyclist – that’s a whole other post!) we donned our trainers and hit the local common.

So, so far we’ve got 1) sister visits 2) first run in ages… AND 3) the weather was fabulous!  (thank you Lord!).  We chatted the entire run, and it was really great to be out, in the sun, being healthy, with my sis 🙂  (then we went home and had a glass of wine 🙂 )

1ec4b3b4-537a-47f2-ac25-d219d0b55d45I will finally be able to write my review on my ‘new’ Hoka’s as I’ll finally have more than 1 or 2 runs to base it on… woooohooooooo!!   (the super bright ones are H’s new Brooks Launch – I’ll get her to write a review on those ones as well!)

Then, to top it all off, Monday – yes Monday, was a pretty good day.  And discovered that my ‘proper’ Italy training schedule kicks off a week later than I originally thought – which means I have an extra week of base training to get myself back ‘up-to-speed’!

All in all – life is pretty freakin awesome!  That’s all for now – we’ll be doing a CSS test on Thursday/Friday this week, so watch this space if you’re even remotely interested in the outcomes of that!  (it will be slow – but hey, it’ll make for a GREAT ‘before’ pic!)



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