My 6 week commitment to getting my mind, heart and body where I want it to be… or at the very least, closer to where I want them to be!

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for what seems like ages now – and I guess it has probably been years, but only recently – since I started actually writing things down again, has it started taking shape.

After listening to and reading Dr Caroline Leaf‘s ‘Who Switched Off My Brain’ (the ones I’ve read are all pretty awesome, but I’m really referring to one series in particular here), I have really started thinking about how much time I have squandered.

I really feel (well, I know) that we are greater than the sum of our parts, but, we need to look after all of our parts regardless!  The Pray.Love.Sweat approach is pretty much

  • Pray about everything (including your workout!!)
  • Love what you have (including your body!!)
    • gratitude session!!
  • And of course Sweat – this can take many forms, but basically, get your body moving!!





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