Banthlete/Bathlete…. let’s just go with Banting-athlete :-)

Low Carb High Fat… Yes please!

Prof Tim Noakes is an incredible South African sports scientist (amongst other titles I think) who has brought a whole lot of nutritional nonsense to light.

And I for one am STOKED!!  To be fair, I’ve not really ever been a massive carb fan, so I don’t feel too deprived.  That being said, I’ve not figured out how to go low carb while training.  And when I say ‘not figured it out’ I mean I hadn’t really read/studied up a whole lot on how to adapt my diet – which, now having actually looked into it – it’s super easy!  (and works out WAY cheaper than a gazillion gels and powders and and and).

At some point I’ll write up a proper post regarding the benefits and so forth, but, to be honest, there is SO much great info out there by people far more qualified than me at the moment!  I’m getting there though 🙂

For the moment, I’ll just document what works, and what doesn’t work for me.

And for right now… I’ll just use this to blatantly brag with how good our food is looking!  (and I cooked some of it… and I can’t cook… or so I thought!!)




This one was Luke’s creation… SO delicious!!!






And this one… (they do look similar, but they were different meals… I think! – Luke is somewhat in love with Pho!)




MY breakfast muffins… they rock!  And yes, I do say so myself 🙂








Coffee with my boyo…




and my boyo 😉

(he’s rather lovely *swoon* ❤ 😀 )

(and he didn’t touch the sugar, obviously!)



And then there were burgers…

OH .MY.WORD.  These were AMAZING!!  (and yip, I made them!! – I am walking proof that the LCHF diet is NOT difficult!)


My future posts will probably focus more on training fuel and a wee training report kinda thing – an ‘all encompassing account’!


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