Hello IMSA my old friend!

Update:  Feb 12, 2017

TOTALLY gutted.  Especially now re-reading the excitement in my post below… about 6 weeks into training, I got sick.  And when I sick, I mean, I felt WRETCHED.  The dreaded lurg clung on for roughly 1 month/6 weeks… and I just couldn’t get back into it.  When I finally started getting my act together… I fractured a bone in my foot.  Basically… I called it.  #won’tbedoingIMSA2017 :-(.  However, in more uplifting news – I’m signing up for Italy (Cervia?) Ironman in September, along with my sister – and it will be her first!  So, very excited all over again 🙂




Here we go again!

But, this time, I’m more excited than I have been for quite some time… might have something to do with actually planning to be prepped this time round 🙂 (That and the fact that we watched 3 of our mates SMASH the IM World Champs on Saturday!! So inspired!!)

So, in 2014 I did my first Ironman South Africa, and swore it would be my last in my home city (I know, terribly disloyal, sorry!). Quick ‘race report’ – I signed up, rather arrogantly (I had done Ironman Austria the year before… yes, the YEAR before, and figured ‘I got this’), anyhoo, I signed up as it was one of my best friends wedding the weekend before so I would be flying home anyway. It was a fairly enjoyable day – but, goodness, was in quite a bit of pain on the bike!

Fast forward, and I signed up for 2016 – that’s right, this year! And then pulled out… but, I had my reasons – they were legit, promise!!

Luke, my now most beloved boyfriend (who I met at that wedding in 2014!!), was doing IMSA this year and it was his first Ironman… so, I figured, why on earth would I want to be waddling around in the dark while everyone else got to cheer him on and watch him finish? (and yes, I would have been waddling for hours after he’d finished!). So, I bailed – and I must say, best decision! (He did fabulously – largely down to our awesome cheerleading obviously).

Right – so that brings us to the present. My sister has been wanting to do an IM for quite a while now, and we had originally planned for Cozumel… that’s a whole other post!, but we have decided that SA would be the best one. So HH’s first one, and another crack at it for me!!


Today marks the first proper day of training – and so begins ‘the training chronicles of IronJan’ 🙂

On the plan for today was just a swim… just a swim. JUST a swim. Oh my have I got work to do!! One of the positives however, and there are many, is that I actually feel great!

My day today consisted of the following;

Wake up & hot lemon water, followed by a bit of yoga (just a bit… more like a ‘wake up’ than proper yoga session I guess – but hey, I’m claiming it!! – (there’s a great chart here https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/523262050438987592/ … to be fair, there are a number of great ones around, but this is the one I’m sticking with for now)

Then breakfast – can’t lie, I LOVE when I get to eat breakfast with Luke, really nice way to start the day (and no, I’m not a soppy weirdo… not really anyway ;-). So, breakfast and a cuppa coffee… YUM!

Dishes washed, bed made… time for some bible study and journalling!

Work, work, work.

And then headed off to our local leisure centre to swim (I was swimming at VA, but, they’ve sold the two closest gyms to me – which, to be honest, was actually a blessing in disguise – the leisure centre is half the price, and I can walk there!).

I have to admit – I felt like a bit of a cool kid. Had my Finis paddles (jeepers, they felt so odd to begin with, but think I’ve got the hang of them, and I’m told the rewards are awesome! – more on those on my rants & raves page). My new Garmin Fenix 3 (another one for the rants & raves page) – (so far MASSIVE rave!!!!) and my swim plan… I was ready!

And then… the pool was full. But, I was SO proud of myself, I got stuck in anyway! (if you know me, I would normally pull a ‘nah, I’ll come back later’/’I’m not battling through 50million peeps’ – gross exaggeration there!)

So, rocked my swim – and not only did I just get on with it – I ALSO used my Garmin properly!!! Hit the lap buttons and everything!! Wooohoooooo 🙂

And this evening Luke and I will do a wee Pilates session and then chill HARD!! I’m an aspiring Pilates instructor, so it’s awesome to have an athlete on hand! (although, he does think he knows more than me on everything… but hey, I get to learn a bit of patience thrown in for good measure! 😉

All in all, great day!



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